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Movie Trailer Mashup is a video assignment that involves incorporating clips from a different movie into the trailer of another movie to change the meaning or tone of the original. After some long thought I decided to do a sports themed movie. I always enjoyed watching to football film The Replacements and decided to look up the movie trailer. When I was watching it I began to think of how I could replace some of the football scenes in the trailer with something funnier. Then I remembered another football movie I used to watch as a kid, The Little Giants. So sure enough, I cut scenes from the movie about pee-wee football, and inserted them into a trailer about professional football. It actually ended up working out nicely because their uniforms are actually similar. So it kind of looks like scenes from The Replacements, just on a smaller scale:

Click here to view the embedded video.

To make this movie I used Windows Movie Maker 2.6. This is quickly becoming my favorite movie editor, as it makes cutting film clips extremely easy. The hardest part about this assignment was how to incorporate the action from The Little Giants to reflect the narrative of the movie trailer.

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