The Kuleshev Effect

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The point of this assignment is to take a relatively emotionless clip of someone, play a scene that is supposed to invoke some kind of emotion, then play another clip of the original person reacting.  After this is competed, you do it again, but the middle clip is something entirely different.  The character that is reacting does the same thing, but a different impression is left on the viewer based on the scene in the middle.  That sounds confusing, but the assignment describes it well.  I chose to use The Dude from The Big Lebowski as my main character.  I cut out a clip of him being chewed out, then another one of his reaction to it.  This served as my constant. Based on the outer clips alone, he seems to be saying “Really?” or “Are you for real?”.  The inner clips changed the meaning to a certain extent.  When he sees the Gremlin, it is sort of a “WTF?” moment.  In contrast, the scene with the woman painting her toenails (also from The Big Lebowski) leaves him sort of at a loss for words.  He seems to be thinking “I’m not falling for that.”  This is a mild example of the Kuleschev effect, but I think it is a valid example.

As far as editing goes, I downloaded all of the video from youtube using realplayer and edited it using Movie Maker.

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