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  So this is my Video essay for the sound of music . This assignment took me four hours to complete. I had to come to school during spring break and work in the lab, i struggle so much but with some help from the college assistance i was able to complete it. Now sound of music has always been one of my all time favorite movie i love the costumes and just the naturalness of the characters. So for this assignment i went on YouTube and found different clips of the movie that i really enjoyed watching i then uploaded it to the desktop then to final cut. Next i the click on each video and then while it was playing i press “i for input because that was where i wanted my clip to start from and then when i wanted it to end i pressed O” for output. After all of this was done i pressed “command r” for render i then played it back to see if i got exactly what i needed. when that was done i had to lower the audio for each of the clips so i click the green lines twice then the audio screen pop up i then decrease all of them to like -19 and then recorded my self on final cut by clicking Voice over after this i raised the volume so my voice would be louder i then rendered everything and then i saved it.Next i exported it to the desktop and then i uploaded  it to Flickr and then my blog.

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