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I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do for my assignment this week. I wanted to do something a little different, but i really wasn’t sure what to do. I found this assignment in the visual assignments, and after I read more about the assignment I thought to myself  “Oh, this will be easy to do.” I was wrong.

Trying to write a story with song titles is hard. You don’t really have any words like the or of,  basically you are writing a story without any of these filler words. As I looked through my library of music I didn’t want to make  my story super long but I didn’t want it to be super short either. As I continued looking I started to pick out song titles that appealed to me, then realized my “Story” was starting to become about a break up. I pictured a male finding his girlfriend with another guy.

This is the best day ever” was the start of the story from the very beginning. Then confessing “I don’t love you” and “I know you know”, as he catches her in the act. As he catches her, so ironically he tells her “Put some clothes on”, “You’ve made your bed” “Playing the blame game.” She had been blaming him for cheating on him, while the whole time she was cheating on him. He gives her a moment to explain, “Speak now, Im listening” then cuts her off with “I. D. G. A. F”, obviously telling her that he doesn’t care what she has to say.

The story just happened to come out the way it did. I guess it kinda stemmed from being cheated on in the past but either than that the story just developed. And I love how it came out. As I said before I thought this assignment would be really easy, but trying to put a story together out of song titles is difficult.

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