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Tonight I participated in a Tweet chat with English Teachers from around the world. I thought this was a very neat experience once I got used to it. There were so many people that participated in the #edchat that it was a little overwhelming! Everytime I looked up there was 30+ new tweets to look at! But, like everything, I took this as a learning experience! I sat back and watched for a little bit, and finally when I felt comfortable, I dug in!  I thought it was so interesting that so many teachers from all over are discussing the same issues with education that we have been discussing in class.  And even better, they cared what I had to say about it!  We began talking about teachers as master learners at one point and me and Khrystie (who also happened to be on the same chat), of course had a lot to say! We recommended Will Richardson’s book, “Learning on the Blog” and one avid educator bought it right on the spot! How awesome that we had such an influence! I have a bunch of new followers and twitter and am also following quite a bit more people myself! This tweet chat was such a great way to get involved in the educational reform and expand my PLN.  Overall, great experience that I will be participating in again!

Here’s a link to my archived tweets, as well as a screenshot from the chat!

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