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Research is a dreaded part of student educational experience! Let’s try to make it as easy as possible for students to complete research fast and correctly!

The questions to have them ask themselves throughout the research process:

What am I searching for?

This question should be the first task when preparing to do research. The researcher/student should identify the key concepts and questions that they will be looking to answer.

Where to look and how to get there?

teaching students how to use search engines effectively and efficiently is very important.  There are many sites that are not reliable, and it takes time to find the right information. Based on the amount of results the student is getting the may have to narrow the search- use vocabulary. DON’T give up on the search!

How to know what information is reliable!

Just because a site looks ‘good’ does not mean that the content given is accurate!!

Here are some tips to critiquing a site:

  • accuracy (compare the information to other sources)
  • links (if the page gives links to other reliable sources)
  • time (the date it was last updated)
  • author, and publisher of the site

Using the research ethically!

  1.  avoiding plagiarism: it is important to teach students how to paraphrase!
  2. citing your sources! 
  3. observe copyright


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