Isn’t everything reMIXed?

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One of the most popular new music trends is based solely on remixing and mashing up songs.  MIX is IN!

There are festivals and concerts that consist and a mix of beats and non-lyrical songs for hours at a time.

It has become a well known and profitable talent!

Music is always remixed by new artist to create new songs! Is there ever a true authentic song? Some of my favorite songs are remakes of ‘oldies’ – the greatest hits are always reused and reused and reused!

For example, the Elvis song Burning Love, original and remixed.  The new remixed version still has the same song- but completely recreated it!  By making the new and fresh it allows old music to live on throughout generations (playing with popular music editing techniques).  Personally, I believe some of the classics should remain that way, however, is there is an audience for it then it should be created!

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