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So this assignment was from the movie by number any way  I also worked on this in the Lab it took two hours. So i went on yyoutube and found videos or numbers anything that had to do with the number Seven. This was hard i should Have chosen a different number but i did  not have time so  i stuck with this one. Any way i just uploaded all the different videos and pics i could find about this to the desk top from YouTube i then uploaded everything to final cut i then click what ever video i wanted to play and the “i for input and O” for output as in starting it where i wanted it to be and ending where i wanted too.I then press “command r” to render it after i was finish i notice one of the videos came with a tract that would be perfect for the entire thing so i then click on the video and on your right hand their are like these two tools right next to each other but i click the one that look like a bulb so that i could separate the audio from the video and i just use the cut tool to get rid if the video ad keep the audio. I then rendered again and then i finally  saved export and uploaded it to  Flickr and then my blog. video i use were alligator king, ten in a bed,the might be giants , the seven color ball , the sound of music, the calender song  and hair way to seven.  

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