They’re savvy, but are they fluent?

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In the twenty first century, we are being exposed to many different technologies, that can be wonderful resources in schools.  However, as useful and exciting as these technologies may seem, they mean nothing if we can not use them effectively and efficiently to enhance and promote higher learning. It is not just about technologies but how these technologies enhance information literacy, information fluency, critical thinking, and technology to promote life long learning. Digital Information fluency, or DIF, is the ability to find, evaluate, and use digital into effectively, efficiently, and ethically.  In order to obtain information fluency, there are a few steps to take.

  • start with questions that you want to ask about a topic
  • convert questions into appropriate search terms
  • strategize what you want to ask and how you will be able to obtain that information using the tools you have available
  • evaluate and question the sources you found for quality and reliability
  • think of ethical use!

By following these steps, we are helping students use the internet to further their knowledge and media literacy- and transfer this knowledge to other areas as well!

Here’s a link to a diagram that I found extremely helpful!

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