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There are so many new terms I am being thrown at each day!  Before a few days ago in class, I never would have known what digital information fluency is.  However, information fluency is vital to the 21st-century.  Out of the three articles we had to read, I found this one the most helpful.  I like how it listed the following questions:

– What am I searching for?

-Where will I look?

-How will I get there?

– How good is the information?

– How will i ethically use this information?

Although these questions may seem very self-explanatory and redundant, I believe they are very important.  I would actually have these questions visible to my students while we are doing research in computer labs or something in order to direct them.  This is what it means to be fluent in digital literacy.  You have to be able to get on the internet, know how to search for things, judge yourself whether the information you found is reliable, and most importantly use the information the right way.

I think the last question is the most important.  The internet, unfortunately, is used for a lot of bad things when it shouldnt’ be.  There are way too many sites that are on the web that shouldn’t be. There is also a lot of cyber bullying, personal security issues, etc.  When you are on the internet, you have to remember to do the right thing because everything you do leaves a digital footprint; don’t you want your’s to be appropriate?

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