Unsheathe Thy Sword

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As submitted by the one, honorable Noiseprofessor, the mashup assignment Buffalax cause for the dubbing of a foreign piece to create a new and very profitable product.

With the forty minute clock hastily ticking, Jack mentioned Japanese and some slice n dice machine so we searched ahead on Youtube.  And somehow we stumbled upon a film I cannot even find anymore, and from there we blessed the harsh Japanese tongues with gentle English words.

The video was edited in Final Cut Pro.  We overlaid titles onto the footage and then typed up the script on the fly.  I tried to shorten the titles to match the length of the words being spoken and since we didn’t have time to take a full look at it, some of the dub goes out way too quickly.  Watermelons.

We added some senseless and over the topness to our dub.  As is only fitting for the ridiculous beauty that is Miyamoto.

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