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So, for my last remix assignment, I used the remix generator and got: Where I Come From  [Remixed]: The Opposer (6 Stars, equuling 15).

The directions for the original assignment: Design an animated poster for your hometown. Make sure to include the text for the name and state of your hometown. You can see my example here: http://blog.mfwalker12.com/?p=152.       The directions for the remix: Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180 degrees different.

To complete this assignment, I used Margaret Walker’s animated poster of Mechanicsville, Virginia. She did an AWESOME job on this! I found the image on her blog: http://blog.mfwalker12.com/?p=152.

My job was to do a complete 180 to the image, meaning I was suppose to do the opposite of the original directions. The original directions which I included in the beginning of this post had  parts: 1) Design an animated poster for your hometown and 2) include the text for the name and state of your hometown.  So to complete the remix I decided 1) I would remove the animation from her poster, 2) remove the text of the hometown, and 3) I would use it because I am NOT from Mechanicsville.  After I complete all 3 changes this poster will be completely opposite of what it was suppose to be! :) Break the original assignment rule! Love it!

To begin I saved the image on to my computer and then opened it in GIMP.  To remove the animation, all I had to do were delete the layer.  I deleted 6 layers until I was left with use the background layer, meaning only one set of windmill blades. So change one was complete.  Change two was a little more difficult, because like I mention in my previous post I have no idea how to remove word on someone else’s assignment, so I just used the Rectangle Select Tool and just cut out the hometown and state name.  I tried to leave as much of the picture as I could.  Change 2: Done.  And for the 3rd change, I did not have to change anything because it was not my hometown and the fact that I am using the image completed that change. So then I saved the image to my computer and inserted it in my blog below.


I had to cut some of the bottom out, which took away the road and some grass so the scenery in the remixed image is not as good/pretty as the original but in order for me to complete the remix card instructions like I thought they needed to be done I had to sacrifice some of the image!


Per Dr. Groom’s helpful comments I choose to add another image to this blog.  This is another interpretation of the remix! I am using a picture I took in Destin Florida.  To make it the opposite of the original assignment, I am not animating it and it is not where I am from, because I am from Virginia, and I am giving it the headline “The Beach” instead of Destin Florida!

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