A Whole New World [Remixed]: Pollack Style

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5 Star Assignment

sunset-beach (pollack)


Picked an assignment and then looked through submissions posted. I had to look through several since some websites were not showing up the picture for some reason =0. After downloading the picture to my desktop I then looked at some Pollack paintings. I ended up using: http://www.art.com/products/p10026717-sa-i3773316/jackson-pollock-untitled.htm?rfid=978890 as my inspiration. I then used microsoft paint in order to “pollack it”.


First off I do not really understand modern art. The random swashes of paint just seems mundane and weird. Of course a more educated person would appreciate this art but for me I do not. Mixing a weird picture of a huge animal on a beach with modern art was the aim of my picture. I supposed I wanted to make a picture as ridiculously funny as possible for the common man who does not understand modern art as much as I do. Once again, I do not say this art is terrible because I do not understand it. Rather I am just letting people  know that I do not understand it. Understanding leads to a proper analysis of the painting, when you dont have it you just make superficial statements like “thats cool..i guess?” Which translates to: thats just  swashes of paint! What does it mean! Looks really weird and funny.

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