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Not Hidden Enough

This is my last and favorite remix assignment.  The task was to give the “Minimalize Your Philosophy” design assignment an Uncle Bob twist.  Here’s the original, from

Can you tell what I added?  Probably, and you probably regret it, too.  I like the idea of seeing reflections in eyes.  It’s cool.  That said, I decided to lighten the mood.  Or maybe lighten is the wrong word.  Oh well.

This was surprisingly easy to do.  I did it all in Paint.NET.  I found the clown picture on google images.  I do believe it’s from Zombieland.  I imported it into a layer on top of the eye image, and then trimmed out all but the clown.  I then used a black and white effect to make the clown blend.  I also adjusted brightness and contrast to make it more seemless.  The blurriness toward the bottom is where things got tricky.  I selected the lower third of the clown, then did a radial blur (using a built-in tool) to make it match the blurred eye.  I then blurred the clown’s middle third, but to a lesser extent.  I left the upper third intact.  I also made the clown slightly opaque to make it look more like a reflection.  I then feathered the whole clown layer and called it a day.  Hopefully this gives you nightmares.


So i decided to make this a gif to give it some pizzazz.

I just changed the opacity of the clown by a little bit to create 8 images with varying levels of clown.  The site lets you upload images and creates the gif for you.  It’s really handy.

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