Oblivious Sidekick

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Oh hi friend!

This remix assignment involved taking “The Little Caption” design assignment and adding a sidekick.  I chose to edit this submission from effiejones.com:

you got a pretty face!

I thought the shark really lent itself to a sidekick.  Especially if that sidekick was an oblivious Nemo.  They’re friends.

To add Nemo, I just found a picture of him on google and then deleted the background whitespace using Paint.NET’s magic wand tool.  Very easy.  I then added this edited image as a layer on top of the original assignment.  Twice.  Right on top of each other.  For one of the added layers, I erased all but Nemo’s head and fins, which are supposed to be sticking out of the water. For the other, I had to try to make it look like it was underwater.  I messed around with various effects and brightness and contrast for awhile, but eventually remembered that under layer properties you can change opacity.  So I changed the opacity to make some of the water show through.  This worked surprisingly well, as Nemo actually looks like he’s half underwater.  As a side note, it is really nice to get back into design assignments.


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