Remix 1: Ice Ice Baby

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This assignment remixed the Over-Dramatic Reading audio assignment with the Media Bender remix card.  All this required was taking a submission for the audio assignment and converting it to another form of media.  As I was reading through submissions, I particularly liked Emily Delross’ reading of Ice Ice Baby.  I chose to convert it to video.  Initially I had hoped to sync her reading up with Vanilla Ice’s mouthing of the words in the song’s music video, but this proved to be very difficult due to timing.  What I found, though, is that the reading is almost exactly half the speed of the original song.  So I slowed down the video by half, and matched up a section of the reading and video that worked together well.  This worked surprisingly well.  They aren’t perfectly in sync, but they are pretty darn close.  I kept the sound of the original music video to give an idea of how close the paces are.  Also, the slowed beat is kind of cool.

To do this, I first had to download Emily’s recording from soundcloud.  I did this using the free site  I then downloaded the music video from youtube using realplayer.  I did all of the editing in Movie Maker, which has a built-in effect that slows video by half.  I’m glad that was the right pace, because Movie Maker offers no way to fine-tune this effect.


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