Remix Assignment – Cooking Show : Go Emo

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This was another challenging assignment for me, mainly because it’s hard to make something that usually has a happy tone, such as a cooking show, emo. I watched all of the cooking show assignments and chose Thomas Ella’s (sp? correct me if I spelled it wrong..) because I thought it was really entertaining and unusual. I also noticed he said “As long as you dont cut yourself and bleed to death,” which I knew I could edit a bit to use somewhere in the emo remix.

The first thing I did was lower the brightness and remove the color from the video, as well as make one transition screen where it changes colors. Right after he introduces the show I edited in a picture of a smoking cauldron (only ‘dark’ thing I could think of for a cooking show). I then cut in some randomly edited in pictures of a very demonic looking doll that are only visible for a half second. I also put in the demonic laugh during the transition where he moves the camera to the microwave. The show ends with the demonic doll and the words “THE END” written over it in red. I edited something he had said earlier in the show to say “Cut yourself and bleed to death” during the end picture too (doesn’t get more emo than that).

Below are the remix, and original, Enjoy! (15/15 stars!)



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