Remix Assignment – Recording A Memory : Countrify It

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For my first remix assignment I got “Countrify It” as my remix and “Recording A Memory” as the assignment. This was a very simple assignment but I actually liked how it came out. I started out with the idea of trying to fade from several different country songs in the background of the video I chose to remix, but in the end it sounded much better with just one underlying song playing during the Q&A that took place in the video. I decided to just use the first “Recording A Memory” assignment that I saw, which happened to be a video by ‘Gray’ where he asks his brother some questions about one of his favorite memories.

The country song I ended up choosing was “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” by Travis Tritt. The song gives a pretty nice background atmosphere to the video, and is an overall upbeat/positive song.

Enjoy! (4/15 stars)

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