The Contest That Nobody Can Win (Remix)

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For my first remix assignment, I had to take the assignment from “The contest that nobody could win” to incorporate some cheesy element. On deciding the material for the contest, I thought of all the cheesy songs I could use. As seems to be a trend in my assignments, I fall back on things from my childhood. This assignment was no different as I decided to use short clips of the intros to all my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon shows that I watched growing up in the 90′s. Seeing as most of the students are the same generation as I am, I have a feeling that this contest isn’t all that impossible, especially since some of the songs practically give it away. I took the theme songs from youtube and compiled them to make a very short music video. The visual was mad using the nickelodeon logo and collage of characters and then animated frame-by-frame using paint. Enjoy:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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