Peer Feedback: Final Projects

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Modified CCL Image by CogDogBlog (Alan Levine) @ Flickr

Stephanie Hintzen and I chatted in class today about our final projects. The feedback she gave me was so appreciated. She suggested taking the girls outside in their ballerina outfits and letting them give overdramatic poses to represent their super secret super powers. I plan on editing the photos to give them a graphic novel feel.

Her video looks nearly done for her final project. She used a video capture software (expression encoder 4) to capture a game she is into called Map Crunch which follows an actual route from point A to point B on Google maps. I love her story ideas about how to work around the glitches (such as a repeated scene is there because the character has amnesia). I gave her some feedback about the character development and the ending. I won’t spoil it for you but will post back once she’s done.

Nice jamming with you again Steph! :)

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