Play By Play + Where’s Waldo Remix

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For this I used a video posted by  on YouTube of a play-by-play of a UFC game (I’m a fan of UFC, never played the game though). To do this I had to first edit the picture of Waldo. Using Gimp, I opened the image and erased all the white space around him with the eraser tool. I zoomed in to get closer to him using the zoom tool. This should result in a gray checkerboard pattern around Waldo. Save the image as a PNG file (or some other format where that gray checker pattern shows up instead of white, that way all you see is Waldo’s head later). Then save the file to the desktop. With iMovie open you can simply drag the file from your desktop to the location in the video where you want it and select “Picture in Picture.” Anyways, here it is:

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