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Song Story
This assignment is called song story. It’s an assignment in the audio category of DS 106. The main idea of this assignment is to give emotion through a song. If you’ve ever been around people when a song that has meaning to you comes on and you react to it, then you can relate to this assignment. People probably always look as if you are crazy because they don’t know the song has meaning to you.
I used Sound Cloud to record this assignment. For this assignment you have to add a song, so I just recorded it since I couldn’t just add a link. You are supposed to explain the meaning of the song and play the song.
Not only was this song my cousins wedding song, but it also connects me to a very exciting day. It was January 10, 2009, (6 days before my birthday and 4 months before my high school graduation) my family and I traveled to Montgomery for my cousins wedding at the Maxwell Air Force Base. Let me first start by saying this was the best wedding I’ve ever attended; it was like one of the weddings you see on Four Weddings. The DJ started the music and literally everyone ran to the dance floor. Not was the music great, but the company of my family was even better. I never knew all of them could party like that; even the uptight people had a great time. It’s always a great time when I’m around the people I love, but they really topped the cake on this event. So, due to this wedding every time I hear fortunate my heart is filled with pure joy. I can honestly say that I am fortunate to have such a great family.

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