WEEK 11: “Movie Trailer Mashup [Remixed]: Fox News 7 STAR ASSIGNMENT”

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For this assignment I had to remix another students movie mashup video, so I chose to remix another students lion kings video and turn it to a kind of spooky jungle theme sound, in order to do that I used imovie and i found my audio on sound cloud and I imported it into imovie and then on imovie I imported the scenes and just rearranged some of the clips so that they will sort of flow with the way the audio sounds as well as the rhythm.The students work that I chose to remix name is Johnson this is his website click on it to check it out. I chose to remix his work because i thought it was very interesting the way he created the movie, and also lion king is one of my all time favorite Disney movies!


The video on top is another students, and the video below is my remix to it:)!!!

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