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So things are slowly getting back on track.  The past week I have been strumming away, however I have not gotten very far and let me tell you why. I am not very coordinated, I have a hard time keeping strumming while I’m trying to switch my other hand to different cords.  And my fingers are numb.  Haha this is quite the experience, that I will definitely have to continue into the summer.  The song I choose to learn is Love Story by Taylor Swift.  I love her and that song.  Also it only has 4 cords.  I am trying to learn the easier version which means my bottom to fingers stay put when playing the cords.  This is the website I am using to teach me where my fingers go: http://learnguitarfasttips.com/538/love-story-by-taylor-swift-guitar-chords-and-beginner-lesson-tutorial/


This is a Cadd9Cadd9 Guitar Chord

This is a G major

This is a Em7 E Minor 7 (Em7) Guitar Chord

This is a Dsus4 Dsus4 Guitar Chord

Playing on chord at a time is easy but trying to switch between chords is where it gets tricky.

I will be posting me attempting to play tomorrow!

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