Remix: “Over-Dramatic Reading” Meets “Mood Swap”

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Another remix assignment coming your way!! This next combo I worked on was re-creating the mood of an over-dramatic reading which is worth 4 stars (2 for the original and 2 for the remix). The original assignment I chose to use was my friend Margaret‘s reading of her abstract algebra textbook. Her creation was great because she really used inflection in her voice to make this very dry material seem somewhat more exciting (No offense Margaret, but there’s only so much one can do to make mathematics sound fun. Sorry to say it!) Here is her over-dramatic reading:

Margaret posted this audio track in SoundCloud, so I used to save the file to my computer.

Because math is my least favorite and most dreaded subject, I decided the only mood suitable for this material was a death march. I found Chopin’s Funeral March on YouTube and saved it to my computer using “Fastest Free YouTube Downloader.” Then I imported it into Audacity along with Margaret’s reading. Finally I did some cutting of the Chopin track and adjusted the volume. And this is what I came up with as my final version of the remix:


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