Final Project – Johns Hopkins Invitational

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This past weekend most of the team went up to Johns Hopkins for a meet, which had a very unique setting in the middle of Baltimore. The track was immediately surrounded by city, unlike most college tracks which have many other collegiate practice fields around it. Warming up for my races at this meet made me wonder how runners at schools in the center of cities ever got in long runs, seeing as every 100 yards or so there is a road crossing that you have to pause at to check for cars. Nonetheless it was an overall successful meet, especially because we got the chance to compete against our two biggest conference rivals (York and Salisbury).

Our sprinters had a solid meet, with Allan Meyer running 50.97 in the 400m (giving him the 4th fastest time from the conference this year) and the 4x100m relay running 44.21 in their first running of the event this season. Below is video of Allan Meyer’s 400 win.

Middle distance had a good meet as well, with 4 guys breaking 1:59 in the 800m. All four of our guys also finished right behind two Salisbury runners, so improving over the next 3 weeks before the conference meet will be huge for them. Some of the distance runners, myself included, ran a 4x800m relay and got second at the meet to Johns Hopkins with a time of 8:08. It was mainly just a speed workout, but encouraging for some of us to know our legs could still move a bit fast. Below is video of the fast heat of the 800m.

The distance runners got some good seed times for the conference meet, despite some hot morning temperatures. Corey Lyons won the 2nd heat of the 5000 with an exciting last lap, coming from way behind to catch the leader. In the process he also broke 16 minutes for the first time, to run 15:58. this time ranks him 13th in the conference. The 1500 at the meet was a very fast race, and Stephen Harrison ran 4:02 which ranks him 3rd in the conference. Below is video of Corey Lyons 5000m win.

This upcoming weekend we will be traveling to Gettysburg for the Mason Dixon Conference Championships (not our real conference championships, just an old, disbanded conference that some teams still count as their conference meet).

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