Final Project – “Sun Setting on the Season”

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As our season nears the end with about 3 weeks remaining before the Conference Meet, I thought I’d give my final project a bit more diversity by mixing in a visual assignment that I submitted earlier in the semester. I submitted the “Time of Day” assignment after seeing a cool picture online where someone had taken the same picture at different points in the day and mixed them together. I decided to represent the nearing end of the season by taking a series of pictures up at the track as the Sun set. I also feel like the sun is setting on my season very quickly because I re-injured my hamstring, something that kept me out of this past Cross Country season completely. Anyway, below is the final picture I was able to come up with. I’m not completely happy with it, because the clouds blocked the sun a bit in some of the pictures, causing it to not have the perfect bright to dark effect I was hoping for. Enjoy!

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