Recap of Week 13 Daily Creates!

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So here are my daily creates for week 13. And I’m on the ball again this week, because it is only Thursday and I have finished my daily creates!

4/17 – It’s the 100th Daily Create – Create a photo representing this number.  I choose to take a picture of 100 crayons.  Everyone loves to color. Plus there is a color for every mood you feel!

100 colorful crayons

4/18 – Take a photo in which a mirror is a major element. I choose to make my make-up mirror pretty, by adding a flower.  What makes a mirror a major element in the picture than by dressing it up!

A pretty mirror!

4/19 – Tell the work joke you know, and then *bleep* out a crucial word of the punchline.  I do not even remember where I heard this joke, but I have known it forever, and while it is probable one of the worst joke I have ever heard, I mean after all it’s about fuzz, it still makes me laugh every time I tell it! :)

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