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After watching Kirby Ferguson’s “Four Part Series” video, it really made me look at the entertainment industry in a entirly different perspective. The reason I say this is becaue, i noticwd how basically “everything” that is put out in this world is a “remix” meaning that no one actually has their own “original” work. We all have developed our own ideas on the basis of another person’s work, and the only thing we do different is putting in our own flavor or “remix” as we call it now in the modern times. I don’t think the idea or remixing is a bad thing, as long as you give the other person their credit then you should be fine, as Kirby says in the video. We all have just used another piece of work and turned it into a newer version that fits our style and our taste. So, that necessarily is “copying” unless you propose the EXACT same idea/theme of that artist whom you decide to remix for. Other than that I thought all four parts of the video were very informative and I liked the way Ferguson broke down each part of remixing individually. With that being said, it is better for us, (the viewers) to understand his idea and the concepts and history of a “remix”. Nonetheless, after watching all four parts of Ferguson’s video I remixed a picture of the celebrity Kim Kardashian below I turned the young Kim K. into the old lady Kim K. The process was simple, using my IPhone 4S device I downloaded a app called “oldify’ in which i imported Kim. K’s photo into my phone and transformed her face into the face of a old person. After I wanted to be a little more creative, so I used the website called and  used the coloring tool to make it look like Kim k. had pink lipstick on her lips, darker black eyebrows, whiter teeth, and way too much makeup on her cheeks. I feel mean that  I did this but hey it Looks funny and I think i did a great rem! lol Check it out below:)!!!


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