A Real Life Doodle Note!!!

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So check this buisness out!!

I was reading this book “‘Learning from Las Vegas,” by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour…and BAM!!!! A doodle!!! In fact, there were multiple!!!

The book is about the symbolism in the modern architecture of urban sprawl. Its pretty interesting because the authors point out that modernist architects stress the importance of funtionality over anything else.  Many modernists claim that none of the features of thier designs are anything but functional. (Please excuse the double negative.) They try to avoid anything that has meaning other than its literal meaning. But the authors of this book analyzed the modern sprawl of Las Vegas and beg to differ. Many modernist megastructures, as seen in Sin City, have lots of (not-so-)hidden symbolism.

Some of the sections of the book get into the nitty-grity details, and as a result get pretty wordy. The perfect opportunity for a doodle note!!! When the authors go into detail in the written chapters of thier book, they add a visual- in the form of photographs, charts, diagrams, and the occasional doodle note! It’s actually surprisingly helpful, even for these big concepts that they are explaining.

Real life doodle note! Who knew!?

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