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EveryThing is A remix !

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Everything is a remix was awesome , i really enjoyed watching it. Completely changed my views on the movies i have watched and may watch in the future. Ferguson did a really great Job bringing everything together and not just with words but with the videos he added in as well. Somethings he said that stood Out to me were “copying is how we learn” this is totally true. For example that is exactly how we learn to ride a bike. Also “the basic elements of creativity is copy,transform and combine”. He makes a lot of sense after all how do you think we become great musicians and writers ? We copy we by watching someone else , practice what they do for a while and eventually combine our own skills with what we have. In the video i enjoyed knowing how far the MAC has come, all the things you had to do before¬†you got what you wanted done like for example moving a folder you would have too click it then choose a place then drag it and drop it and if it was trash you had to go click the trash button. Overall a wonderful video i enjoyed it . If you haven watch it i suggest it pretty good stuff in those videos. OH and one last thing he spoke about copyright i am surprised it took so long before laws started to be made which was in the late 1990′s.

I would like foe you guys to watch their outfits and the way they Hold the swords. Kill Bill (2003) was created by Quentin Tarantino. this is just a white women who learn to fight like the Japanese and goes back and take revenge for her loves that were killed. The game of death(1978) created by Chris Makrozahopoulos is just about a Chinese martial arts movie star must fake his death to find the people who are trying to kill him.Together both Movies in my opinion have some of he same similar things for example the clothes they wear, the way each characters holds their sword and they both fight a lot of people then one on one and finally the best of everyone else and they both go and find the people who are trying to kill them and kill them first. Also people thought she was dead but she came back and kill them one by one and people thought he was dead but he came back and fought them one by one as well. They are pretty similar to me ! Ps….. kill bill came out second .



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