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The second assignment I created came about from a crazy dream I had just the other day. It’s amazing to me how these dreams can sometimes seem so real. I love hearing other peoples crazy dreams, so here is mine:


My dream started off with me in the bedroom of my old house doing work. The house was located right next to a pond that people used to fish in. It was storming very hard but it was still pretty light outside. My attention quickly shifted from my work to something I saw outside my window. I couldn’t quite make out what it was at first until I lifted the blinds and saw a huge tentacle raising up from the water. It must have been over 100 feet long. I yelled down to my brother and we both ran outside to get a closer look. Several more tentacles began to emerge and as I looked down in the water, I could see the shadow of some enormous figure. All of a sudden the tentacles spread out onto land, and the creature started pulling itself out of the water. “It’s the Kraken!” my brother yelled, just as a strike of lighting came crashing down behind the monster. My brother ran into the house but I was completely frozen. I then watched as the giant octopus started crawling away towards downtown, crashing through my neighbors houses and tearing down trees along the way.

I don’t really remember what happened in my dream after that. But I’ve definitely developed a small fear of octopuses ever since. If those pictures don’t help you visualize it enough, this scene from the Pirates of the¬†Caribbean¬†should help:

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