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“Everything is a Remix” was very informative and eye opening. I’m a bit surprised that many musicians copied from previous artists without giving credit. It’s pretty wild other then copied from artist that copied from other artist, It’s like a chain effect. I guess that old phrase “theres nothing new under the sun” holds true.

I absolutely agree with Ferguson, that creativity relays on influence, whether it’s science, math or art; we are inspired by prior pioneers. Ferguson also makes a really good point about copying, when he mentioned that we learn everything through copying from others. I think when we try too hard to be original, it hinders our creativity.

Ferguson gave great examples in his videos about about artists copying from each other, whether it’s musicians, writers or film and tv producers ; nothing is completely original.

I’ve been noticing a lot of copying taking amongst movies and Television. One that stood out to me a few months ago, are two movies that are less than a year apart. “The Ledge” and “Man on Ledge” both movies revolve around a man that is on the ledge of a high building. Surrounded by cops who initially thinks they’re on a suicide mission. Both movies aren’t exactly the same, but share the same concept. Writers didn’t even put much effort into creating original titles (The Ledge, Man on Ledge).

The Ledge

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Man on Ledge

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