PokeFun: The final push

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This is it.  The pages redirect where they’re supposed to.  Images appear, and so do buttons.  It is time for game logic.  I know nothing about it, but I’m about to jump in the deep end.  So far my tables are designed the way I imagine them to be for pokemon.  For a refresher, here is the structure of my “users” table:

It would be really easy to simply compare a user’s stats to a a monster’s and see which are higher.  But that’s not fun.  A game needs an element of chance.  So I will need to factor in some randomness to keep things interesting.  A little hope for the little  guy if you will.  Now that I have a couple of monsters in my database, I will be able to do some basic testing and hopefully make this happen.  Once the battling code works, I will add more monsters and mess around with more map locations.  I’ll add items last.  You can have fun battling monsters with your bare hands for now.  Well, soon anyway.  Off I go.

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