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After watching Jim’s Groom’s video about Archiving, I do agree with the fact that archiving is important to the web as well as to blog that people jot down their information to.  For example, the “timeline” on Facebook works like an archive, it records everything that you have done in the past. Whether we like it or not, it was one of the ways Mark Zuckerberg decided to customize “Archive” into his own web style. The Archiving mechanism, I believes, plays one of the important roles in the Internet because it allows people to see publicly what you have to share and of course, what actions you have made in the past that has been recorded. When Jim Groom’s started explaining his part of archiving involving his picture before he was 8 years old, I believe that was one of the wonderful things that archiving does. It’s like finding money in your now-jeans that you forgot to take out from the last time you wore those jeans.

Personally, I would not continue to maintain this blog ( only because I have another blog (with Tumblr) and I’ve been already maintaining that blog for almost 2 years. I’ve done so many layouts, and entries post with it, I don’t want to just leave it alone, because it’s like forgetting the old thoughts that you once thought about. I tend to always go back to my archive and look back on my old posts and the stuff I use to right about a few times a year, only because it’s a nice heartwarming feeling. It’s also very interesting to see how much my mind have grown mentally and of course, to see how much of a difference  my perspective of things, people, life, world changed. Archiving is important to me, because not only because it records whatever I decided to put on the web, but it also allows me to look back on it, and knowing it’s where I last left off.

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