New Assignment: “One-Sided Convo”

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Just created this new assignment entitled “One-Sided Convo!” Here’s the prompt: “Capture one person’ s input to a conversation, leaving out the responses of the others involved to creative a recording that is funny, misleading, confusing, or all together strange. Most importantly have fun and get creative!”

I thought of this after a situation that happened just the other day between my roommate and I… she called her parents while I was doing somehting on my computer. I guess I started paing attention to what she was saying part way through her converesation, but since I sould only hear half of it, I jumped to conclusions about what she was talking about. I thought she was telling her mom how she was going to to have to tell me she wasnt going to be able to entertain me all week long during dead-week (which we will both me staying on campus for). So I inturrupted her and, rather hostiley, said that I did need her constant entertainment.

Well turns out he sister is coming to visit this weekend, and she was telling her mom how they had already discussed how she had work to get done and that she wouldnt be able to hang out the entire weekend. AKA I completely self absorbed for no apparent reason! Yayyyy me!!

This assignment aims at capturing these endearing moments!

The tags for the assignment are AudioAssignments and AudioAssignments515. Have fun (making a fool out of yourself and others)!

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