New Assignment: I Know People

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This design assignment is like a mixture of Celeb Mashup! and Wait, Where’d that guy come from? because you have to add a celebrity to an existing photo of you or your friends to make it look like the celeb was actually with you.  A party scene is great but you can also use a pic with a few people just hanging out.  The inspiration for this assignment actually came from a site where a guy adds celebs to a bunch of his party pics, but flawlessly adds them. It’s weird how natural they are. Anyways, I made this photo by adding Dakota Fanning’s head to a shot of a few friends in Ball Circle.  It’s not that great, but it gets the idea across.  I used Photoshop and copied and pasted the head and then did some erasing of Dakota’s head and used the smudge tool to blend her hair in.

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