Tutorial 3: Interview/Music Mashup

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This assignment is just so awesome.  I hope you have Garageband because that is all you need to complete this task.  The example on the assignment page is really neat because it’s like a pseudo radio show, but with responses that you recognize.  The first and probably hardest thing to do is choosing the characters for the interview. What are you going to sound like? British? Radio announcer? And then think about what the angle of the interviewee is. Who are they? Are they trying to tell you something or just being interviewed because everyone wants to know what they think?

Once you have that all worked out, hopefully with a few musical references in mind, start a new project in Garageband. You can also use Audacity, but it’s just easier in Garageband.  In your new empty project add three audio tracks – one for you the interviewer, one for the song clips, and a trash track.  Look in your music to see what songs you have ad listen to a few choruses and verses to setup your questions.  Then record yourself asking the questions.  When you are ready for a music clip, go to the media button (which is highlighted in blue in the bottom right corner) and find your song files. Then drag the song you want into the the 3rd track. find the spot that has the desired audio and trim the song by clicking and dragging the ends of the clip until they reach the places where the desired audio starts and stops.  Drag the shortened clip into track two and position it after the right question.  Then repeat this for all of the questions and responses you have.  When the interview is complete you can export the song to an mp3 by clicking share in the top tool bar and sending it to iTunes or just exporting it to a CD. Upload it to Soundclound for the world to hear!!

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