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Tutorials are not my strong suit, I can photoshop the business out of photos and edit videos like no other, but when it comes to teaching someone how to do it, I am not as swift with my words and images. But seeing as its a requirement, bare with me. I’d like to teach you how I created my ever-popular “Psycho Scene.”


So I started this project by filming the footage needed using an iphone. ┬áMy boyfriend was able to film the parts that I was in. To the film the drain, I filmed the drain while my boyfriend poured cranberry juice down the drain. It doesn’t really matter what juice/liquid you use because it’s in black and white anyway.


Okay so I imported the files into Adobe Premiere Elements (photoshop of videos). Since it was taken in a couple of clips, I dragged the video files down into the project area.


(I’m using screenshots from google because I dont have adobe on this computer, but I’ll be highlighting them).

I then ordered the video clips in the appropriate order in the video line of the project area. I then went through and cut excess video (that wasn’t needed) using the scissor tool.

Then I went through and deleted audio from a number of the clips (except the ones I was speaking in). I did this by right clicking on the video clip and clicking “delete audio.”

I then went to youtube and searched for the psycho shower song. I used pwnyoutube to save the video. I imported the file into adobe and dragged the file into the project space on an empty video/audio line. I removed the video using the same tool as described above. I lined the music up with the video and cut it at the dialogue (using the scissor tool).

To make the video black and white, I went to effects–> video

and searched the effects until I found the black/white option. Make sure you watch the whole video all the way through before exporting so its the way you want it. Next (after saving the project file) export the project movie file (file–> export). This may take some time. Then upload to youtube! WOOHOO!

Happy video making!

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