Tutorial: What’s in your head remix?

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The original assignment was to include images in the silhouette of my own head. The remix card was to show the prequel. So I put images in the silhouette of my past/childhood.


I used Adobe photoshop to edit the original image. I erased the original images in the head using the eraser tool.


I then googled all of my childhood favorites (bubbletape gum, nickelodeon, trolls, pogs, supersoakers, etc). I saved these images and opened them in photoshop. I used the magnetic tool to isolate each image from their frame. I cut and created a layer for each image.

I resized them all image–> resize–> scale and then dragged each image into the head layer. I spent a lot of time situating each image inside the head and erasing their over lap. I used the “bring to forward” tool to layer the images appropriately.

See my original post for the final product. Enjoy!

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