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Its finally here! The end of the semester is upon us and finals are breathing down our necks. My schedule is fairly easy this week (comparable to previous years). I’m giving my thesis presentation tomorrow at noon, conservation biology final wednesday 8:30-11 and amazonian societies final 3:30-6 thursday. Since today is clear, I’m trying to get my presentation ready while finishing up ds106.


The final checklist…I originally scheduled my meeting for today (to get it out of the way), but had to reschedule for Friday at 2:30 (womp) but I anticipate to have ds106 done by my thursday final so i won’t have to worry about it. Thankfully, I organized my blog as I was posting (using categories and pages). I have all the assignments categorized and all the daily creates placed in pages. It has really helped me stay organized and on top of my work throughout the semester. Archiving was easy peasy. Apparently I already had a UMW blogs account, so it was tricky trying to figure out what my log-in info was. But once that was figured out, it was a cinch to export my blog and import to UMW blogs. The real trick will be to remember to re-do it before my meeting Friday. I am interested in moving over to Hippie Hosting because I’d like to keep my blog at least through the summer. I have researched and finally chose to go to Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for 4 weeks after graduation. Since you have to pay for internet down there, my only source of communication will be through this blog. I’ll try to post pictures and videos. I’m so excited! So changing over the hippie hosting is one thing i still have left to do before my meeting.


My final reflections video is on its way! Good luck with finals! (Be thankful for those of you not taking them.)


Here’s a video from Seaview!

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