Final Project Update

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Now I was hoping to have at least 5 teach videos, but I never had any ideas that teachers were so afraid to be on camera. It is as if they are afraid to lose their jobs, or that they will say something that the administration would not approve of. In any case, I have done 2 videos and will finish up my last one on Friday with Professor Henderson. I am hoping that these videos will start, as a building block of what I can only hope will be a change. And the greatest thing about THIS change is that, it isn’t expensive. I can only see benefits of this being implemented. More students understanding what classes they are taking, and what they can expect to learn and where this knowledge can eventually be useful. Especially in a time of academic inflation, where it seems there is no guarantee of success with a bachelors. There is almost a guarantee of a sales job, but that’s about all.

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