Final Projecto: The Ocean

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Well, here it is. My still frame music video that goes with this song I made. It’s not so still though.  I added video because, well, i didn’t have enough pictures. Still frame videography is hard!! Mainly because you have to put so many pictures in the right order and make sure you capture the exact moments.  I did the song in Logic and the video in iMovie. I used pictures that I took continuously, but I also used some pictures that I made edits to in Photoshop- like the beach scene ukelele conversion and the colored question mark. Then I just added video from a concert on campus and slowed it down. For the song I wrote a melody and chords and recorded a couple verses with my friend.  I think it’s pretty cute and my goal was to interpret it through pictures.

I wrote this song the day after my family got a puppy.  I was super happy, but at the same time really worried about school. It represents my vacillating emotions that are menacingly present as I am trying to choose a career path to go with and cope with the end of the best time of my life. I made everything in this video and took all of the photos and video.  It’s just stuff I like to do so it was fun to put together.  If I wasn’t as crunched for time I would probably have made the entire thing from still frames rather than including video.

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