My 4 Created Assignments!

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1.) Design: Create Your Dream Animal! For this assignment you have to create a new animal using animal parts from at least 4 animals. Then you have to create the environment the animal would live in! Be creative!!! :)

2). Audio: May I Take Your Order? For this assignment, in your best accent, pretend you are at McDonalds and order something off of their menu.  Be picky!

3). Video: How Footloose Are You? For this assignment, make a video of you or someone else doing their best Footloose dance.  Play the sone, turn up the music and shake a leg! Make sure the viewers can hear the song as well! :)

4). Video: For this assignment, choose someone you think is great or someone you think is not so great and become them.  Create a 3-5 minute video about why that person is great or not so great! Are they an awesome slam dunker? Then you become an awesome slam dunker. They can be an athlete, actor, signer, etc. Dress the part, talk the part, become the part!


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