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So finals week has come and almost gone. With it, came extremely busy and long days. And needless to say tonight was another long night, longest yet. But thank goodness I am done at 1 pm Thursday, except for my DS106 meeting on Friday. I have finished everything that is needed.
-I have created and written a blog for my 4 assignments.
-I have created and written a blog for my 4 tutorials.
-I have been commenting all along. I have seen some pretty amazing work from my fellow classmates!! :) My commenting can be seen from my account. I have starred all of the ones I commented on!
-I have been tweeting.
-I have organized my blog, which took forever!!! To organize it, I created categories for each assignment type, tutorials created, final project, daily creates, my tweets, Web 2.0 & Cyberinfrastructure, and the best of me! I wish I would have done this as I went along because it really stunk having to go through all of my posts and choose the correct category.
-I have set up a space for my blog on UMWblog.
-I have edited my ds106 profile to indicate the URL for your UMW archive blog
-I am working on archiving my account to my UMWblog. It is taking forever because when I am importing, I can only get one assignment to come through at one time so I have to import like 80 times. I don’t know if it was something I did wrong or what but it is a little stressful.There seems to be an issue with the importer right now, will have to finish later!
-I have created a final post to my final project, you can read about it on my blog! The sad sad failure of my final project. Failing occasionally makes one stronger, right?
-I have created a final reflection video. This has it’s own blog post as well, which you can check out.
-I have created my Summarize It All blog, well I am writing it now, this is it. It will be done as soon as I post this blog.

So as far as the future of my blog? Well I am sad to say I am going to let it go! I enjoyed it while I was creating it, but now it is time to say goodbye. I am really glad that I got to archive my creations on the UMWblog. Incase something happens to my computer or I just want to reminisces one day, I can go to UMWblog and look at all my masterpieces again! :)

Goodbye DS106, it has been fun!

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