Final Project: The End

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Over the past couple weeks I have scanned over 200 pictures!! Since I have already described the majority of the process I figured would end by showing a few of my favorite memories. Enjoy!

Nothing better than going for a ride on my Harley

I used this image in a daily create earlier in the year. The part at the top is a defect but I love the way it looks.

This is the only year that the pond has ever frozen over to the point where you could walk on it. With the way last winter was I doubt it will ever happen again. For those of you from up north, this is a big deal to happen in Virginia!

Carving pumpkins for Halloween

Mom caught secretly blowing out my candles!

Classic hands in the cake photo

I feel like I wore that same clown costume every year for Halloween, but it turns out I only wore it once

I was incredibly cute

Crazy hair on Christmas

Last but not least, OCD at its finest :) Every year when I got back from trick-or-treating while my brother was consuming his candy I carefully organized mine by type and the counted how many of each I had. I then memorized the quantities and would carefull eat them in a special pattern. If anyone touched my candy I would know because I often recounted it to make sure everything was in order. This seemed completely normal at the time, but now it explains a lot.

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