How to embed a playlist in your blog

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The way I embedded my playlist was by creating a membership at

Once I created an account, I had to then create a playlist. From the drop-down menu under your username on the right side of the screen, click ‘Playlists’ then click ‘New Playlist’

Add whatever music you would like onto you playlist. Go under add a song and Grooveshark even allows you to search for songs, bands or other playlists if you need to

Once you have created your playlist, go to ‘Share’. It is under the title of your playlist.

Then, at the bottom of pop up screen there will be a ‘More’ option with ‘Embed’ under it. Select that option.

Select ‘Embed’ again and then copy what is in the window.

Finally, paste the HTML under the tag when you make a new post or pageĀ  ‘HTML’

Boom. You have a playlist embedded on your blog!

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