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Would I be mad if someone took my exact words and pretended they were their own? Damn right I would. If someone would simply put quotations around my exact words would I be mad? No, I would be flatted that someone appreciated what I said. When you see someone’s tweet you like on twitter, you retweet it. I wish facebook would follow suit. You retweet it because you know someone said it better. And a lot of times if not always, someone always did say it better. Should I quote that last part? In my mind its similar to when someone puts music lyrics at their status, they know the songs got a message, even something that as ridiculous “call me maybe.”

I’m going into all of this because I think with the snowball effect we call the Internet and technology, it becomes more and more relevant to understand boundaries. Ten years ago if you wrote a paper, the furthest it would prob go would be in your local townpaper, but now it has the potential to go global/viral. It is just soo easy to go on and rip someone’s photos, its easy with a take home test to just Google the answers, I Google image rip all the time, but if I was the person who took that photo I would be frustrated, and all it would take me would be putting someone’s name underneath it. So I apologize for doing this in the past. And really what world does we live in where we forget why were in college: to learn.

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