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Overview of Ds106 CT class

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Overall this class has been interesting. When the class first started I was stressed and confused, I didn’t know what to expect and it seemed like we were learning about many things that I had no clue how to do. Although I already had Facebook and a yahoo account, this class required me to get more than that. A blog, twitter, flicker and a youtube account were the main thins we needed to create. Setting up the blog was a little difficult for me because I had never done it before and if we didn’t follow the guidance in class then you have to look up how to do it on the web. The assignments we were given to create different things were challenging at times, they also inspired me to be a little creative and have fun with it…that is after i got the hang of how to do it correctly. Each week we would have daily creates. Daily creates did not take much time to do and if you remember to do them on time you can have fun with them. In this class you can learn a bunch of useful and fun tricks about creating projects using the internet. If you put in the effort and time you can make some really cool things. From the whole semester the projects i enjoyed most were the 5 second films where you take five clips from five different movies and mash them together. I also enjoyed the class assignment where we did the voice over of the silent film. I had some difficulties figuring out how to work photoshop but in the end my project didn’t turn out all that bad. I would recommend For someone who likes working with computers and creating projects online or is interested in learning how to. I dont think i will continue my blog. Not because i dont like it because I would like to focus on the other things that i have to do and i would also have to renew the blog. It was interesting seeing the other work people created and being able to ask them how they made it and why. Overall Ds106 has been a good experience.

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