Legend of Korra/avatar the last airbender discussion

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i’m a huge HUGE avatar the last airbender fan. the premise for avatar was about a boy named aang who was the avatar and when he found out ran away from his responsibility and ended up being frozen in an iceberg for a 100 years and a war between the four nations based upon the four elements .his friends sokka and katara find him and free him. the cartoon basically talks about their adventures trying to end the war. for a cartoon originally aimed at kids people of all ages can enjoy it, throughly enjoy it. the mix of martial arts, comedy, subtle political references, and warm heartedness that makes this cartoon one of the best if not the best cartoon for this new generation. the fact that there’s a sequel that starts off 70 years after the final battle is exciting. the new avatar is a girl named korra from the southern water tribe who moves to republic city a new fixture in the avatar universe. and the story focuses on her learning airbending from aang’s son tenzin while also dealing with a new enemy who can threaten to destroy the city. the first season is seven episodes in and is doing a bang up job. the fight sequences in particular in my opinion are even better than before. while to me as a fan the best thing about the show are the flashbacks to the original avatar crew all grown up fighting to keep balances are extremely cool. very very excited to see the rest of this series and where it goes. and to anyone reading this who saw the movie dont let that sour u on avatar the last airbender. if m.night shalyaman had 2 hrs 2 hrs and 20 min would’ve been a totally different experience. as is the cartoon to the movie the cartoon is a completely different story and much more enjoyable

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